Please stop by the forum and help in creating a new localized Femmes community, Ask any questions you may have, share your previous experiences or even just say Hi!




So just updated all the photos on the site to better quality images without the old website address accross the front of them and fixed some misc format issues and links will continulously be working to get a few more small adjustments I want then uploading a brand new forum


Just added a bunch of new articles to the page, next working on updating some links then will be adding all new photos of better quality and no huge watermark of the old link accross them!


So I added a few links to the page including 2 full length albums. I will be completeing all the content within the next week or two. As well in the forecast the following changes will be coming, upadate to the All American Music List, Adding the American Music Fanclub Issues from the past, as well will be replacing the images on the site to no longer include the link from the old page accross them. Stay Tuned!



Sorry For the Breif Time down it appears once again another free hosting service went out of business (Big surprise) But its back up again as it always does return. I will be adding 3 more albums not listed on the site as well as a few more compilation albums in the upcoming months so stay tuned!


New Host and things are running smoothly, there should be no more down time, as it appears there will be more updates than i thought as i noticed This is pretty much the last of the femmes sites out there and a few bugs to fix with the page as well. I might be adding a message board within the next couple months to get a community going for those femmes fans out there that are looking for one as the others left in existence were abbandoned and littered with spam. stay tuned many more updates coming and some previously non listed releases.


Sorry about the down time there, without notice my hosting company suspended my service for this site for no apparent reason so advise to "avoid 000Space like the pluage!!!" They will suspend for no reason and you will have NO way whatsoever of conting them as they shut down your CP then redirect your page to ads and malware - but got a new host and back up!